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 To supply high-quality educational resources to universities in less-developed areas, China's higher education institutions in 2013 established "WEMOOC," a league now with more than 100 institutional members, including Peking University and Fudan University.

 Sanya, the resort city at the island's southern tip, has established a smart database management system including the situation of each impoverished household - income, health condition, family members and employment - can be followed by scanning a code in front of the household name.

 The meeting agreed on tax breaks for cash bonuses received by researchers from the commercialization of their research findings.

 He said he believes that DPRK-China relations will develop in a direction that conforms with the common interests of the two peoples.

 I'm a proponent of the idea that 'everything rises and falls on leadership.' As we see the terrible events unfolding in America right now, at the same time, we see stability, growth and social harmony in China. Americans don't believe me when I report back to them the amazing advances that are being made, every day, here in China. They simply don't know China like I do.






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