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 Xi told May that the alleged chemical attack in Syria needs a comprehensive, just and objective investigation, whose results should withstand the test of history, so as to solve the Syrian crisis through political means as soon as possible.

 One application of a brain-inspired AI technology is self-driving cars, which rely heavily on sensors and a massive quantity of live and preprogrammed data, according to Li Deyi, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

 SOE reform is in accordance with legal norms and market discipline, he said, and restructured companies saw their total assets rise by 59 percent and profits rise by 42 percent compared with five years ago.

 By passing the Taiwan Travel Act and approving the sale of submarine technology to Taiwan, the US government has shown it is intent on using the island as a pawn in its game.


 In the draft plan, the new ministry will compile and implement the nation's overall emergency management plans, organize rescue and relief for disasters and workplace accidents. It will also focus on supervision of work safety in factories, mines and trading centers.





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