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 Being a co-chair of Canada China Track II Energy Dialogue, which covers a full spectrum of energy subsectors, Beck is familiar with how the two governments build relationships. He believes that Canada will have more cooperation with China in the areas of new technology, climate change, innovation, agriculture and natural resources.

 最近去台湾旅游,站在台湾肯丁的猫鼻头海滩真正领略了太平洋的风带给我们大陆游客的那份惊讶和好奇,风力强劲冷峻,吹得你摇摇晃晃,但又不会让 你寒冰刺骨缩蜷一团,由不得你贪婪地张开大口去用力呼吸那来自太平洋的风的凛冽和清爽。青年作家韩寒曾写了一篇题为《太平洋的风》的散文,讲述了台湾社会、台湾人的善良敦厚和他们在台湾岛上对中华优良文化的美好延续和传承。你或者漫步台北街头,或者坐在大巴车上沿途掠过无数乡镇村庄,或者兴致盎然地奔波 穿梭在旅游景点,或者匆匆旅途中吃饭购物喝茶小憩,你都会或直接或隐隐感觉到无论是被他们称作的原住民、台湾人或是外省人都有的那份规矩与礼貌,谦和与低调。我相信,大多数去过台湾的大陆人都会怀揣温暖离开那里,离开那个曾经让我们既爱恨情仇,又陌生惦念的土地。

 The State institutional reform plan of the State Council, or the cabinet, will be submitted to the on-going first session of the 13th National People's Congress, the top legislature, for deliberations.

 Shu called on the government to approve the construction of more ultra high-voltage power superhighways to transmit clean energy from western China to the eastern part to increase clean energy consumption across the whole country.

 Xi's speech highlighted Hainan's special advantages -- including its status as China's biggest SEZ, its unique geographic location and the best ecological environment in the country, as reasons to make it a test ground for reform and opening up.

 Noting that China and Russia are friendly neighbors, Xi said that local-level cooperation plays an important role in developing mutual benefits.





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