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 The native of Lyuliang, Shanxi province, and his colleagues would arrive back at their hotel at about 7 pm every evening, and then rush to send details of violations or illegal behavior to the Ministry of Environmental Protection by 9 pm. After that, they scoured complaints submitted to local authorities, looking for clues to potential irregularities, and then selected the companies they would inspect the following day.

 "Patients can have access to new drugs and equipment from overseas at lower prices, so I believe they will spend much less in the hospital than going overseas for treatment," said Li Lanjuan, president of Boao Super Hospital and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. "The hospital will not only meet demand from Chinese patients but also some international patients, such as those from Southeast Asian countries," Li said.

 "If an app platform requires a certain working time and place and has a system for governing attendance, its agreement with service providers may be more easily identified as a labor relationship," she added.


 And two years ago, a Chinese strand was added to the Blogmanay social media campaign, which reached almost 10 million people via Twitter in 2016. More than 17,400 tweets were generated, along with 3,000 images on Instagram.






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