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 I'm a proponent of the idea that 'everything rises and falls on leadership.' As we see the terrible events unfolding in America right now, at the same time, we see stability, growth and social harmony in China. Americans don't believe me when I report back to them the amazing advances that are being made, every day, here in China. They simply don't know China like I do.

 Central Edinburgh-based CODE Pod Hostel has become the affordable accommodation of choice for design-conscious travelers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea, who are drawn to Scotland's capital city in increasing numbers.

 At least 3,000 people were used for human experimentation by Unit 731and more than 300,000 people across China were killed by Japan's biological weapons.

 I am happy that China Daily also shows leadership in leading this effort to discover what's going on in every day life for people. What an amazing way to let one's voice be heard. It is like President Xi himself is saying to the people of China (and to those of the world who truly know China), 'how are we doing? Are we doing good and if so, in what ways are we doing good?'


 扬卡洛夫milan: 为什么藏药现在的风评比中药好?据我研究,两者其实成分都差不多,就是一堆药乱混,但是中药称自己科学,遭到很多人质疑,疗效也远没有西药明显,藏药就高明多了,大声向众人宣布:我们这是佛光庇佑的思密达!!本来就带着很浓的宗教色彩!疗效有啦,说明你信得够深!!没治好?你丫信的不够深知道不!!





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