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 Over the past five years, the CPPCC has received 29,378 proposals, and 23,975 of them were accepted and filed, said Wan Gang, vice-chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, on Saturday while giving a work report on the proposals.

 "Some agreements between app operators and workers can only be regarded as cooperation or information sharing, which means the providers in these cases are not protected under the Labor Law," he said.

 This year China will host the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summit and the first China International Import Expo.

 In the past three years, Beijing has seen a growing number of labor disputes involving legal questions about employer-employee relationships.

 Before it was upgraded to a province in 1988, about 80 percent of its grain and animal husbandry products was supplied from outside. But it is now becoming the country's biggest fruit and vegetable producer in the winter, contributing 4.8 million metric tons of vegetables to the domestic market last year.

 In the next two weeks, top political advisers who have gathered in Beijing will discuss major political, economic and social issues in the world's most populous nation and second-largest economy.





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